by Undone Theatre Projects

Written by Efua T. Sutherland

STARRING: Elly Yang, Marryanne Nungo, Melissa Muthure, Jacque Nyaminde, Kebaya Moturi, Carol Ngorobi, Florence Ngendo, Lillian Nyambura, Doreen Mwajuma, Naomi Wanjiru, Andronico Otieno & Gilbert Lukalia


Photography by © metta metta ART

The society demands a lot from us and in turn, we go to great lengths trying to conform to these demands. We love the unloved and hate those we ought to love even if just for a short while. We sacrifice love and lives in order to shape and trim ourselves in accordance to society’s expectations.

Ask the town. They know who Edufa is and what he is worth. They can count out my value in the houses that eat because I live. They rise in deference from their chairs when they say my name’ Edufa is a man of high societal prestige and repute. In his quest to maintain, if not improve, his status he consults a diviner who saw death hanging over him instead. There is a way out though, sacrifice! It is not a chicken, not a sheep, not a cow, but something, someone with the power of speech. Someone who can swear an oath to die for him……

When you are a father and a husband that is a tall order, and as fate has would have it his wife falls victim. So that harm does not befall her, he needs to confess his wrong and burn the evil charm. EDUFA has a reputation. He has a position to maintain. Can a man allow himself to lose grip on that? A position like that? He has to choose between the loss of a dear one and the loss of this position. His obsession with maintaining his position of privilege leads him to barter his wife’s life against loss of prestige.

EDUFA, like the Kenyan story of greed, where wealth and societal status surpasses all other things. The fluff of flattery drives you insane and pinches at the heart so much that your needs must clutch at some other faith after all this, deeds done in secret can by the same process be brought to light.

(Quote from Kenyan Poet Blogspot )